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[Used by Noto Dainagon] Warabi mochi

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* This product will be shipped frozen.

[About support for the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake]

We will donate 50% of the sales of products using Noto Dainagon to Ishikawa Prefecture. Noto Dainagon is grown in the unique climate of the Oku-Noto region, and is characterized by its large grains and good flavor.

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A plump warabi mochi made with grained red bean paste and filled with the aroma of azuki beans. Noto Dainagon is scattered on top. Sprinkle with soybean flour and enjoy.

(*We use adzuki beans from Hokkaido for the bean paste. The second and third images are of frozen beans.)

Contents: 225g  
Expiration date : 3 days ( requires refrigeration ) * 30 days when frozen
Storage: Store refrigerated below 10 °C .  

( If frozen, store at -18 °C or below )