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[Used by Noto Dainagon] Seasonal Color Miso Floating Island

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[About support for the 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake]

We will donate 50% of the sales of products using Noto Dainagon to Ishikawa Prefecture. Noto Dainagon is grown in the unique climate of the Oku-Noto region, and is characterized by its large grains and good flavor.

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A steamed confectionery made with moist dough and carefully selected ingredients. Noto Dainagon is scattered on floating islands mixed with miso paste. (*Hokkaido red beans are used for the lower part of the floating island.)

Contents: 1 bottle (7 pieces)

Specified raw materials flour/egg
Expiry date 7

* Store in the refrigerator after opening. Please enjoy your meal as soon as possible .