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Collaboration with Yamanaka lacquerware 「Fortune FUKUWAKU‐」
Japan Souvenir Grand Prix
2018【Received the design award賞

Yamanaka lacquerwareCongratulations on the crab monaka fortune菓子(Otafuku、Rice bales Chiyo knot flower fan jewel bream宝珠、鯛、Tortoise shell pine pine cone pine cone Sasaume、笹、梅)、Konpeito 3 Fortune-telling bill札 1 SheetIs included。The pamphlet also has English notation, so it is ideal as a gift for foreigners.です。Adorable character drawsWith original shopping bagき。


Treasure in Yamanaka Onsen

A hot spring that springs up

Yamanaka lacquerware, a traditional craft of walking bones with high technology

These two encounters

If you can make sweets that are soft ...

What is stuck here is a treasure

The warmth of wood and the warmth of yuno

To be fortunate and to come out to you

I made dried sweets with a wish。

The vessel is Yamanaka lacquer ware Kijishi
Potter's wheel of Mr. Yoshitaka NaeshiroHandmade one by one by。
The material is Sakura's natural wood, which is familiar as a wooden pattern of Japanese sweets.
I want you to feel the warm texture of the wood itself
It has a base finish that does not use any lacquer.。
Therefore, if it gets wet with water, the shape will be distorted or cracked.
There is a risk, so please avoid water and take care of it.DryPlease use a cloth。
The longer you use it, the smoother and glossier it becomes.
Enjoy maturity。

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Internal capacity
Expiration date
120 Day
   vertical 11.3cm × beside 11.3cm × height 6cm
Preservation method
Please store in a cool place avoiding high temperature and humidity。

※The vessel isPlease note that each grain is different as we use natural cherry trees.いI would like to say。Also、Please handle with care as it is a delicate confectionery.す。