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Collaboration with Yamanaka Lacquer Ware "FUKUWAKU

Winner of the Japan Souvenir Grand Prix 2018 [Design Award].

Inside the Yamanaka Lacquer Ware container, there is a monaka (a sweet made of rice flour), a bag of traditional confections related to good fortune (Otafuku, Rice Bale, Chiyo-knot, Flower Fan, Pearl, Sea Bream, Turtle Pine, Matsugasa, Pine Needle, Bamboo Grass, Plum), three pieces of kompeito (kompeito) and a fortune-telling talisman.

Monaka size: Diameter approx. 7 cm, height approx. 3.5 cm] (Please check the 7th image)

The pamphlet is also available in English, making it an ideal gift for people from other countries.

Comes with an original shopping bag with adorable characters.


Treasures in Yamanaka Onsen

Hot spring water gushing out of the hot spring

Yamanaka Lacquerware, a traditional craft of high technology

If we could make the encounter of these two

If you can make a confectionary of harmony, please contact us at ......

What you see here are treasures

The warmth of the wood and the warmth of the hot spring

The warmth of the wood and the warmth of the hot water will bring you good fortune.

We made these sweets with a wish that the warmth of the wood and the warmth of the hot water will bring you good fortune.

Each bowl is handmade on a potter's wheel by Yoshitaka Naeshiro, a Yamanaka lacquerware craftsman.

The material used is natural cherry wood, which is familiar as a wooden mold for wagashi.

The wood is finished without any lacquer so that you can feel the warmth and texture of the wood itself.

Therefore, if it gets wet, the shape may be distorted or cracked, so please keep it away from water and use a dry cloth for cleaning.

The longer you use it, the smoother and shinier the wood will become.

Please note that the wood grain of each piece is different because it is made of natural cherry wood. (Please refer to images 13 to 16)

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Quantity 1 piece

Expiration date 120 days

Size 11.3 cm (length) x 11.3 cm (width) x 6 cm (height) (*No wrapping, rubber stopper only)

Storage method: Store in a cool place away from high temperature and humidity.