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Fuku Kaoru 2 pieces

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Kaga In the monaka of the Umebachi crest, which is the crest of the Maeda clan, there is a dried sweet of Shochikuume.
White plum "Matsuba, bamboo bamboo grass, red plum, konpeito
3 indivual , Fortune-telling bill "
Red plum "Matsukasa, bamboo bamboo grass, white plum, konpeito
3 indivual Fortune-telling bill "

Contents: 2 (one for each red and white)
Consumption period 90 days
Specific raw materials
Size: length 12 cm x width 12 cm x height 4.8 cm
How to save Please save in a cool place avoiding high temperature and humidity

* Because it is a delicate confectionery, please handle it with care.