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Seasonal Namagashi (6 pieces)

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Early summer namagashi 6 It is a piece of yam using yam薯Flavor and mouth using carefully selected materials centered on Neri-kiriと口We have finished it with a smooth and elegant taste.。Please enjoy the special namagashi.。☆This item will be shipped by frozen delivery.す。

・Sanae Made of brown sugar White strainer
Made by Kuri-kinton Grass Ogura bean paste
・Iwane Azalea
Made by Kuri-kinton Bean paste
Made by Neri-kiri Skin-covered bean paste
Made by Neri-kiri White bean paste
・One voice
Made by Uiro Yolk bean paste with Daitokuji nattoり)

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※Store in the refrigerator after thawing
At 2 Consume within a day。
(Thawing is about in the refrigerator
3 Estimated time)