Seasonal fresh sweets “Sasanqua”

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We use carefully selected ingredients, mainly yam nerikiri , to create an elegant taste with a good flavor and melt-in -the-mouth texture. Please enjoy our carefully selected fresh sweets.

* This product will be shipped frozen.

Seasonal fresh sweets “Sasanqua”

It has a cute finish with bright and pop colors.

Made with sweet potatoes (made using wild potatoes)

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Contents: 1 piece
Expiry date
30 days

* After thawing, store in the refrigerator. 2 Please consume within a day.
(Thaw in the refrigerator for approx. 3 time is a guide)

Storage method : If storing frozen, please store at -18 °C or below.
After thawing, store refrigerated at below 10 °C .