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Gently open and Tango no Sekku (2pieces)

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This is a limited edition product for Boy's Festival (on the fifth of May) in the "Softly Open" series, which brings the four seasons of Japan to the palm of your hand. The skin of the "zaozu" (a type of sweet made from a sweet made from a bean-jam filling) is filled with seasonal dried confectionaries.

It is filled with cute dried sweets with motifs of Kabuto (samurai helmets), Koinobori (carp streamers), Kashiwa Mochi (rice cake with oak leaves), seasonal flowers, etc., which are associated with Dragon Boat Festival. (There are two types of sweets, Kintaro and Koinobori, each containing different dried sweets.

(Kintaro) Kabuto (helmet), arrow feathers, reins, folding fan, Kashiwa-mochi (rice cake with oak leaves), 3 pieces of kompeito (kompeito sugar), fortune-telling talisman
(Koinobori) carp, windmill, water, iris, gourd, 3 pieces of kompeito, fortune-telling talisman
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Contents 2 pcs.
Consumption period: 60 days
Specified ingredients: Wheat, eggs, soybeans, yam
Size: 14.5 cm (length) x 9.3 cm (width) x 3.5 cm (height)
Storage method: Store in a cool place away from high temperature and humidity.

Please handle with care as it is a delicate confectionery.

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