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Gently open and fluffy

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If you open the skin in the middle, you will find cute seasonal sweets and bills.
It is a product that can be used as a lubricant for conversations and as a gift. Each one is carefully handmade by craftsmen.

There are 6 types of sawarabi, cherry blossoms, butterflies, violets, norimaki, leaves, 3 konpeito, and a fortune-telling bill.
We hope that you will feel the cuteness, surprise, and fortune-telling that can be used as a lubricant for conversation when you open the lid of the monaka.

  • Spring version of the "Softly Hirakuto" series, where the four seasons of Japan overflow in the palm of your hand <そっとひらくと はるほのか>
  • Seasonal dried sweets are contained in the skin in the middle, and new sweets that you can see, feel, and taste.
  • Wonder 500 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) certified product.Winner of the Japan Souvenir Grand Prix 2015 Semi-Grand Prix.
  • Expiration date: 60 days (including shipping date)
  • If you would like a gift message, please contact us from a separate message.


Sale period: March-April
Allergens in raw materials: yam, soybeans, eggs
Expiration date: 60 days