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Gently open and Hina no Yoi (5pieces)

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 A limited edition Peach Festival product from the "Sotto Hirakuto" series, where the four seasons of Japan overflow in the palm of your hand.
Inside the Monaka skin is a seasonal dried confectionery, making it a new type of confectionery that you can see, feel, and taste.

We have packed cute dried sweets with motifs such as diamond mochi, tachibana, cherry blossoms, and butterflies that are perfect for the Doll's Festival. There are two types of designs in the middle: (chicks) and (clam), each containing a different dried confectionery.

(chicks) sea bream, tachibana, seaweed roll, butterfly, 2 cherry blossom petals, 3 confetti, fortune telling talisman
(Clam) Butterfly, diamond mochi, 3 types of shellfish, cherry blossoms, 3 confetti, fortune-telling amulet

<Product information>
Contents: 5 pieces
Expiry date: 90 days
Specific raw materials: eggs, yams
Size: Length 15.5cm x Width 10.5cm x Height 3cm (no packaging, rubber stopper only)
Storage method: Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures and humidity.

*As this is a delicate sweet, please handle it with care.