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Gently open and Usagi Usagi (with the special Tsubuan)

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When you open the middle of the big rabbit, you will find a small white rabbit with a heart inside. And inside the heart is another rabbit. Inside the bunny bun like a matryoshka, you will find a surprise and a cute surprise.

Rabbit large, rabbit small (with heart)

Chiyomotsune, Rabbit, 1 piece of seasonal dry confectionery, 1 piece of kompeito, 1 fortune card

Seasonal dried confections will be changed according to the season.

(Cherry blossoms, hydrangea, autumn leaves, plum blossoms, etc.)

The special tsubuan (sweet bean paste) is made from Hokkaido azuki beans and cooked to a fluffy consistency. It is light and light in flavor. After enjoying the monaka, please fill the monaka with the special tsubu-an filling and enjoy.


〈Product Information〉

Quantity: 1 rabbit "monaka" (seasonal dry confectionery is cherry blossom), 1 piece of special tsubu-an (sweet bean paste)

Consumption period: 90 days for the rabbit zenaka and 20 days for the special tsubu-an filling.

Specified Ingredients: Eggs, sweet potatoes

Size: Height approx. 20 cm x width approx. 20 cm x height approx. 7 cm (*basket size)

Storage Method Store in a cool place away from high temperature and humidity.

No box, in a basket

Please handle with care as it is a delicate confectionery.

Please keep the special tsubu-an (sweet bean paste) in the refrigerator after opening the package and eat it as soon as possible.